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Our Expertise

Unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Adapting to changes is critical for success.
Transforming your company requires a systematic change of tools and methods.

BoneheadZ is the leading system integrator for the development, planning and realisation of complex systems and products for broadcast and media. We see the big picture and the core of our business is to provide support during the whole project. We cover  the entire value chain of the broadcast and media industry, icluding Production and Postproduction, Film Labs, Game Developers, Graphic and Animation Studios.

We have been in the business for over 20 years – long enough to see changes in technology.  This has helped us to understand change and adapt.  With our knowledge we can help you build a business today that will challenge tomorrow and will support you from planning to build to long-term maintenance.

System Integration is like putting a puzzle together. The process of connecting different components into a system that functions as one.

Today’s businesses need to be innovative and agile in order to stay relevant. This requires a focus on product and services while developing long-term strategies. At Boneheadz, we help our clients accelerate this idea by deploying the right technologies and guiding with support.

More than ever, clients are looking to maximise efficiency so they can develop and grow activities. It requires processes that take advantage of the latest technologies.

Boneheadz combines vision and expertise to help you better serve your customers.

We make sure to stay in contact from launch to growth, and adapt when necessary. Whatever the challenge, we are here to support you. Contact  or call +421 903 702 988.

We support you in the innovative way of working that​ generates value.

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